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Shipping Insurance Policy:

In order to provide clarity and transparency in our transactions, we have established the following policy regarding shipping insurance for items purchased through our platform.

Shipping Insurance Option:

Buyers have the option to opt out of purchasing shipping insurance for their orders. By opting out of shipping insurance, the buyer accepts full responsibility for any risks associated with the shipment, including but not limited to theft, damage, or loss of items during transit.

Seller's Responsibility:

If the buyer chooses to opt out of shipping insurance, the seller will not be held responsible for any incidents that may occur during the shipping process. This includes, but is not limited to:

- Theft of items during transit.
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While buyers have the freedom to opt out of shipping insurance, we strongly recommend considering the benefits of insurance coverage to protect against unforeseen circumstances during transit.

Claims and Disputes:

Should an issue arise where an item is lost, damaged, or stolen during transit and the buyer has opted out of shipping insurance, the seller will not be obligated to provide a replacement, refund, or compensation for the lost, damaged, or stolen item.


By opting out of shipping insurance, the buyer acknowledges and accepts the associated risks and releases the seller from any liability related to the shipment, effective immediately upon choosing to decline shipping insurance at the time of purchase.


Carcajou Tactical is not responsible for any taxes, duties, or other charges imposed by any governmental authority or shipping company in connection with the purchase and sale of products. Such taxes, duties, or charges shall be the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Policy Revision:

This shipping insurance opt-out policy may be revised periodically at the discretion of the seller to ensure clarity and alignment with our business practices.

Contact Information:

For any questions or clarifications regarding this policy, please contact our customer service team at

Carcajou Tactical Shipping Insurance Opt-Out Policy

Effective Date: 2024-06-18

This policy is designed to protect both buyers and sellers by clearly outlining responsibilities when shipping insurance is declined.

Based on 120 reviews
Boonie Hat
Black Caddilacs
Best hat ever

Quality and style . This hat is the bees knees and responds to my every need while out in the boonies !

Recon Boonie Hat
If only

I'm old enough to have enjoyed the OD's as an Infantry Scout (not f'n Cav!). I WISH my old Boonie was as comfortable and straight up as cool as this one. I'm just an old dude who got a piece of nostalgic awesomeness; but I can for sure say, this boonies is as functional as it is comfortable, well made, and simply cool.

Shipping insurance
elias callaerts
Fantastic product and great customer service

The quality of the products continues to amaze me. They provide good materials packaged properly without unnecessary waste. The products arrive quick and with no issues. Easily trackable through the confirmation email.

Sustainment Pouch 9x7
Jean Bernard Charron
Top tier

Best pouch I own, couldn’t have done better if I designed it myself for my needs.

Shipping insurance
kevin barnett

I love my Carcajou products.

C9 pouch

Great pouch, very well made, sturdy, adaptable, everything you'd want as a gunner or as snack fiend.

Shipping insurance
Douglas Smith
Great Camo!

I shopped around before this purchase. Am glad that I did! The camo is high quality and well designed, in particular the perforations.

Sniper Boonie Hat
Rick Bannon

A really solid boonie...breathes well with its ventilated construction, can easily apply the local foliage to this hat to help break your silhouette even more and the quality of the build is solid as well.

Ghillie Wrap 3D
John Van Meter

This worked perfectly for wrapping my tripod legs and rifle. Looks great and breaks up the outline.

Six Pack Rig
Josh R.
Almost perfect

I absolutely love this rig, I use mine as a placard. The side molle slots are excellent for my use case of holding a tourniquet pouch. I wish the flaps were removable so I can use aftermarket flaps, besides that, this placard is excellent and I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a modular 2x3 placard or rig.

Would of been great if I actually received the product

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and frustration caused by the non-receipt of your product. This is certainly not the experience we strive to provide our customers. Since you have opted for shipping insurance, we have promptly sent a replacement product. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Expensive but good fabric

Awesome product

Bangin boonie. What else can you say. Cheers guys! 🤙

A little challenging to get set up but well worth the $$$!! I love mine

Came neatly bundled and as advertised

Well built hat and very light weight . Made with lightweight mesh material mesh on top.Makes it great for florida swamp weather.

Extremely well made webbing gear. High attention to smallest of details . Top tier military equipment.

Definitely a GreaT Boonie. Mesh top for hot weather, great fit and quality. Shipping was great, arrived quickly.

It’s an awesome boonie hat

Well made!!

Great for SAW pork chops.

Sweet boonie. Well made and fits perfectly. The webbing makes for simple on the fly camoflaging. Could use vent holes, but they are a Canadian company, not really designed to be worn in the sub tropical South Carolina climate. But a great cover, would definitely recommend.

Boonie Hat

Great fit

Super great quality, glad to support a great Canadian company!